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Cub in the den

Who is Tamara Mueni?

I am a 10-year-old Class Five pupil, outgoing and social. I love dancing, swimming and of course cooking and experimenting with food in the kitchen.

Your home cook out kids club under Homewise Ventures was awarded Sh50,000 grant during KCB Lions’ Den Season Three. Tell us about the club

Homewise Ventures Kids Club began in 2015 when my parents suggested that it was a good idea to teach my friends the skills I got while out in the field with the catering company my family runs.

Its main purpose is to bring together children of ages four to 14 to learn cooking skills during our cookout sessions, and learn soft life skills in order to develop responsible and independent future adults.

So far we have done four cookouts, two in 2016, one in 2017 and one in 2018. We are planning to hold three cookouts in November and December in locations that shall be communicated on our Facebook page (Homewise Ventures).

Tamara pitching her idea before ‘the lions’ during season three of KCB Lions’ Den.

The best thing is that all our cookouts happen during school holidays, thus attracting a good number of children.

When did your interest in cooking start and who taught you how to cook?

Since my family runs a catering business known as Homewise Ventures, we are always cooking or trying out new things. I just picked it up from the everyday activities in the kitchen, and also at the catering jobs.

How will you use the money awarded?

I will use it to buy more equipment for the club, and of course some will be kept aside to fund the kids who cannot afford the registration, since we charge Sh500 per child.

What are your future plans for the club?

I would like to see it grow and reach as many children as possible, from all counties in Kenya and beyond. There is so much to learn when we travel, such as different foods and cultures.

You are also a model. Take us through your modelling journey?

I have always loved fashion and design. My parents enrolled me on Little Miss Kenya Pageant in 2016. And since I have always been a hands on person, I chose the talent category, which I won best overall. I was doing the hula hoop.

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