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Lilian Muhoro, David Karanja celebrate big day

How long did you date?

David: Having grown up together, attended Sunday school classes and youth fellowship together, and eventually ended up being Sunday school teachers at the same church, it just took us one year to date, a time we believed was enough for both of us.

Was your wedding indoor or outdoor?

Indoor, reason being, I have several friends who had outdoor weddings and their marriages never lasted for long. This among other factors led to me have a church wedding.

Again, having had all other rites of passage in church, it was crucial for me to honour the church altar for there is a blessing that cannot be found elsewhere other than at the altar.

How did you choose the theme for your wedding?

Lilian has an attachment to the boy child, and she believes blue or green are associated with males. As such, she could not have gone for any other colour other than either. So, we settled for turquoise green. We chose hot pink colour for the maids’ shoes, which blended so well, and brown loafers for men.

How long did it take you to plan?

Lilian Muhoro, David Karanja celebrate big day.

It took the least time possible, because our best couple was planning to fly out of the country, forcing us to be a little bit fast in planning.

It was at least four months inclusive of the dowry functions, a pre-wedding party and the wedding ceremony.

How much did your wedding cost?

There is nothing like a small wedding. With the support of my parents and my friends, we settled for a middle-class wedding, which cost us roughly half a million shillings.

How did you settle on the number of guests?

One aspect we looked into is the fact that my dad is a bishop. With this title, we knew we would have a big number of people attending. We also considered our friends and colleagues, not forgetting the church members where the wedding took place. All these factored in, we settled for at least 600 people.

You had a fairly large bridal party

It was really hard to turn a deaf ear to so many friends who wanted to be included in the bridal team, but with the guidance of our best couple, Mr and Mrs Rev John Njuguna, we settled for an eight-man, nine-woman party, as well as six boys and 11 girls.

Why would you say your wedding was successful?

Despite being a rainy season, there was sun throughout the day. Also, many people who go through the process of a church wedding end up in debt after the event, but we left the venue free of any debt, something we glorify God for.

What was most memorable about your big day?

I will never forget the worship moment we had in church. Actually, if asked, I would wish that bit be repeated every other time in my life.

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