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Fed up diners abandon meals to deal with guest’s stinky feet


Sometimes, it is impossible to prevent smelly feet effect after walking for long on a hot day. However, it borders on arrogance and plain stupidity to remove the said shoes in a sensitive public place such as a dining area, just for your feet to ‘breath’.

There is nothing disgusting as going to a cozy restaurant for a quiet evening after a long day at work, only for your nose to be accosted by suffocating stench emanating from someone who has just kicked off his or her shoes oblivious of another guests’ discomfort.

But it happens often. Just a week ago, guests in a busy city restaurant housed in a five-star hotel threatened to beat up a fellow guest after he declined to wear his shoes despite being told his feet were smelling like a coffin.

The unkempt man in his late 50s, walked into the eatery and occupied a table at the middle of the restaurant. He ordered mixed tea and muffin and proceeded to enjoy the delicacy as he read the day’s complimentary restaurant newspaper.

After a few minutes, he yanked off his dilapidated shoes and hoisted his feet on the adjacent chair. It did not take long before the stench emanating from his torn socks engulfed the entire restaurant. Every guest turned in the direction of the pungent stench, but the man was unmoved as he continued with his business unperturbed.

After a series of complains by upset guests, a courageous couple confronted the man and demanded he immediately wears his shoes as the smell was making them sick and not enjoy their meals. “Please go sit with your wife and mind your own business, your fat man!” he yelled.

Feeling belittled in the eyes of his better half, the guest unleashed a chain of insults as he threatened to flatten the insulting man, but the restaurant manager intervened just in the nick of time.

“Sir, please wear your shoes. For the comfort of other guests, we do not allow guests to remove their shoes here,” explained the manager, but this too fell on deaf ears. The guest continued digging his dirty nails on the muffin.

But it was not until fellow guests threatened to frog match him to Central Police Station and the hotel threatened to call police for “causing a public nuisance” that he succumbed to pressure, wore his shoes, paid his bill and left in a huff.

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