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A flight on the junglebird

It is okay to indulge in a tipple every once in a while. And since not every day can be the day to drink it straight from the bottle accompanied with face grimaces and guttural sounds, we explored how to make a few palate pleasing cocktails at Feaston, a restaurant and bar located off Mwanzi Road opposite the rubble that was once Ukay Centre.

“You can order your cocktail either built or shaken,” Juma Wilson, the mixologist, informs us.

Turns out that every cocktail is different dependent on how the ingredients are mixed. One can either layer all the ingredients, which is referred to as building a cocktail, or one can take it shaken (when all the ingredients are put in a shaker and mixed together then served). This is why cocktails differ in taste from establishment to establishment, despite sharing the same ingredients.

Juma Wilson is as dexterous at the bar as he is well versed in barspeak. Fresh from working as a lead mixologist at News Cafe, Juma has close to ten years of experience in the hospitality industry.

His is a story of hard work paying off, as he started off as a kitchen steward, moved up to being a bar steward, before learning mixology and working his way up the rungs to lead mixologist.

His favourite cocktail is Negroni; he can make any Negroni variation with his eyes closed (we do not test him on this though). He loves playing around with liquor and enjoys making his clients happy.

To prove this, he makes us one of his many signature cocktails, The Junglebird, a shaken tropical cocktail that is as pleasing on the palate as it is potent.

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