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Clubbing like an Irish at Zipang

Party people, it’s the weekend once again. Where to go? It’s a chilly Friday night and my girls and I pass by a high-end hotel to wine and gossip. No, converse. Trust me the end goal was to go home after the conversations. I mean it’s usually such a mess to rave in the rain, quite literally.

But we influenced each other and ended up at NextGen Mall along Mombasa Road. By the time we got there, Level Seven was fully packed; Blend had the same faces, so where to? Golden Ice? No! So, we are left with one option: the new Irish club called Zipang that is directly opposite Blend.

Although its name is a bit hard to cram, we check in and the spot is packed to the rafters too. But I have liked the vibe already, the kind of vibe that makes me miss 1824 — the whisky bar along Lang’ata Road.

Zipang has the same space size as Blend; only it feels a bit congested. It was past midnight, which could only mean the music was up to date, and true to my imaginations, the danceable Shaku Shaku was blaring from the speakers. After looking for some siting space in vain, we found a spot where we could only stand.

The club has the usual seat plan; the bar stools with a small lounge area with green leather seats. I didn’t like the green and I was not impressed by the ambience, but I loved the crowd. It had some great energy.

The drinks were also affordable, with local beers going for Sh250 and imports for Sh300. The club also serves food, so don’t indulge on an empty belly.

It felt like an Irish club yes, but I think they need a little bit more space. I also don’t like the idea of going to the washrooms far from where the club is, which is the unfortunate case at Zipang.

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