Akasha brothers face life term for drug trafficking

Irene Githinji @gitshee

Two Akasha brothers now face a life sentence in the United States after they pleaded guilty to six counts of drug trafficking and corruption charges before a court in Southern District of New York.

The brothers, Baktash and Ibrahim Akasha (pictured), were extradited to the US in January last year after the discovery of a major smuggling operation, which connected Afghanistan to European and United States cities.

Their acknowledgement brought to a close the case, which has been running for several years now. It was, however, not immediately clear whether the two will be sentenced and neither were any timelines issued though they could be sentenced to life imprisonment in line with the US drug trafficking laws.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said the two brothers pleaded guilty to  drug trafficking charges, corruption to defeat extradition and conspiracy to use guns to facilitate their drug trafficking business.

The DCI Director of Anti-Narcotic Unit personally flew to the US having diligently prepared the case and managed to have the two accused persons plead guilty.

“The Akasha brothers Baktash and Ibrahim pleaded guilty to six counts of drug trafficking charges in the Southern District of New York. The DCI Director of Anti Narcortic Unit had assembled a water tight case in partnership with United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC),” the DCI said in a tweet.

Close collaboration

“The DCI Director appreciates a lot the close collaboration demonstrated between the DCI Kenya and Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States in this particular case that led to the accused persons pleading guilty,” the DCI added.

Before they could be extradited, the sons of slain drug baron, Ibrahim Akasha were arrested in Mombasa and taken to unknown location.

They were facing charges of conspiring to smuggle 98 kilogrammes of heroin into the United States from Kenya, posing as dealers in 2014. 

The brothers together with an Indian and a Pakistani were accused of being part of a gang reportedly linked to a heroin supply chain that stretches from Afghanistan through East Africa to the cities of Europe and the United States.

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