Royal Media now backs Maribe bail bid

Bernice Mbugua @BerniceMuhindi

The Royal Media Services now wants its employee Jacque Maribe granted bail, saying she would adhere with all conditions given.

In a letter to the High Court, group managing director Wachira Waruru said the journalist was still their employee, but has taken leave to attend the case.

Maribe and her fiancé Joseph Irungu are charged with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani on September 19.

He said the journalists, a Citizen TV anchor, has an exemplary track record, strengthening their conviction that she would not jump bail if released.

“Having engaged her for the last six years, and assessing her performance, we hereby vouch for her character and recommend for her admission to bail,” said Maribe’s boss.

Waruru said Maribe joined the company as a TV reporter and was later promoted to the position of senior reporter.

“Arising from promotion, she was assigned huge national and international events which she undertook successfully. Recently, and due to her exceptional performance, she has been appointed to the position of Friday’s prime time news anchor,” he said.

The prosecution has opposed Maribe’s release on bail, saying she would interfere with witnesses given her status as a renowned journalist and her association with high-profile individuals and politicians.  The court will rule on the duo’s bail application on Tuesday.

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