Lake Victoria water service board embezzled Sh77.8m, Ouko reveals

The management of the Lake Victoria South Water Service Board embezzled Sh77,841,280 meant for the construction of five water projects.

Auditor General Edward Ouko says in his report that none of the dams was completed despite the money being spent.

Ouko in his 2016/17 report raised concerns over the loss of taxpayers’ money in Chuboit Water Supply, Okwabyoyo dam, Chebirir dam, Rangwe water project and Kegati and Kajulu water projects.

 Contractors of all the five projects  abandoned some projects halfway while in some instances what was being implemented was not what was contained in the bill of quantities.

At Kegati and Kajulu water projects, where Sh68,383,494 had been set aside, was abandoned halfway despite the contractor having received Sh65,109,295 representing 80 perc ent of the cost of project.

Chuboit project constructed at Sh3,880,367 the audit report reveals non-compliance with the bills of quantities.

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