Kinyua outlines new travel rules for State officers

Irene Githinji @gitshee

Public servants will now be required to comply with stringent guidelines, informing all applications and grants of approval with respect to international travel and requisite clearance.

Head of Public Service, Joseph Kinyua said issuance of the guidelines is informed by the need to foster coherence and underscore the applicable threshold for the grant of international travel clearance, define the maximum size of delegations and outline the international travel clearance approval.

The guidelines are also informed by the need to outline international travel clearance reporting obligations and set out the rationale, informing all applications and grants on international travel.

Kinyua said Cabinet Secretaries (CSs), Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs), Principal Secretaries (PS), Accounting Officers, chairpersons and CEO of State corporations travelling abroad will continue seeking travel clearance from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In situations where there is only one PS within a particular Ministry, the CS and the PS of that docket should not both be outside the country at any given time.

Kinyua added that all PSs should inform the CS in charge of their State Department and fellow PSs within the ministry before their departure in writing of their period of travel and communicate names of persons to act on their positions during their absence for the entirety of the specified period.

The application forms must also be approved and stamped by the CS. “Delegations headed by CS or CAS should not exceed four including the head of delegation while those headed by PS, Chairpersons or CEOs should not exceed three  members  including the head of the delegation,” Kinyua said.

Henceforth, Kinyua said Cabinet Secretaries will on the 10th of every month make monthly returns to him with respect to all travel clearances they issue in the previous month, also indicating the expenditure incurred and the expected benefits from the international travel.

Kinyua said all officers will be required to make a brief report on the benefits they receive from the trip and those accruing to the country from their international travel, which should be submitted to the approving authority within seven days of return to Kenya.

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