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Think about externals of your home too

We know for sure that construction projects are not for the faint-hearted. They are known to take a lot of energy to accomplish and so when one successfully finds they have completed their home, they want to take it easy, without thinking much about the external environment.

The external environment we are talking about has much to do with landscaping, drainage and even driveways. As you can see these aspects don’t stop one from enjoying the home they have built but they tie up in adding value to the development. For example, landscaping has a lot to do with beautification of the environment and nothing to do with the level of internal finishes.

Can you imagine for a minute how parking your car in a pool of water because it rained heavily? Wading through mud to get into your house is most unpleasant.

Sometimes it can get worse especially when run off water from the neighbours up stream collect right at your doorstep. Like this client of mine who lives in the leafy suburbs of Runda and how they know it has rained is when they wake up to a pool of water in their living room, lol!

So, you see the gist right? You appreciate why you should think of the external space as much as the completion of your home, right? And mark you, putting the importance of the parking into consideration does not necessarily come with lots of expenses.

For example, you can just grade your parking without necessarily paving it with blocks and it would still serve the purpose. And in the case of drainage, directing the water to proper pathways whether with earth drains or proper concrete channels will serve the purpose intended.

Thing is, a house is not complete unless its internal space and external spaces can peacefully marry. From the access to the house to how it will look externally, external space management is as important as the internal layouts.

Much of this emphasis is also to do with the fact the conditions of weather can be disastrous if left untamed and especially rain. – The writer is managing director, Anka Consultants Ltd, quantity surveyors and project managers. Email:  [email protected]

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