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A meaty affair at the Stanley

The nyama market happens every Friday at the Pool Deck restaurant and since everybody knows I love meat, I had to explore this menu 

“Meat is life” and you can quote me. I am a foodie so you can trust me as far as food matters of the meaty kind goes.

So, what happens when you’re invited for a meat dinner plan on a cold Friday Night?  Do you opt to run home, rest and watch TV after a long week or do you say yes and come through for the dinner?

You already know my answer. Last Friday evening found me at Sarova Stanley Hotel in Nairobi city centre for the so-called Meat Market dinner.  This is a ‘market’ that happens every Friday at the Pool Deck Restaurant.

I am sure you are probably wondering what it’s all about, but so was I then.  A friend had inquired about my Friday plans and she was surprised, only saying; “So all you’re doing is buying meat, at a high-end restaurant”.

I don’t know why she thought on those lines. But before you get in line and have the same thoughts, let me explain what it’s all about.

The meat market basically involves a selection of meat items of your choice from what the chef and his team have laid out. It’s a variety of raw meat including beef, steaks, chicken, pork, mutton and seafood. It’s basically a protein feast.  You choose your meat and the chef weighs it as you watch, giving you a chance to also check on your diet portions (for those of you who are checking what they eat).

The chef then proceeds and prepares it according to your tastes as you wait.

As I waited for my order, which took about 20 minutes, I sipped from a tall glass of pineapple mint juice. Don’t be surprised if I am off wine and its cousins for a while now. Currently, sparkling water or juice will do.

I went for pork ribs and prawns for my meat choice. I have come a long way with seafood. Previously, you would never find me ordering prawns and its fishy kind. Nowadays, calamari has become my go-to snack.  Enough of my seafood confessions.

I loved the pork ribs. Not too fatty but moist and still very tasty. But my best has to be the prawns, which were full of flavours.

In fact, they would have probably given me a bigger portion of the prawns. That way, I would have enjoyed to the dinner to a fuller capacity. Not that I was not satisfied no I just wanted more prawns.

On top of that, you can have a choice of your favourite salad — to tackle the meat stuff. And other food options on a buffet layout. I had the palak paneer sauce, with some rice and salads. They serve your food on a wooden tray, which I found funky. Also classic. You mostly will find such cutlery in hip restaurants and bars.

The meal goes for Sh3,200. Remember you can choose three meat options of your choice. But first, let’s not get too excited it’s not an all you can eat menu. But it almost feels like it.

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