Rai denies sugar cane poaching claim

Mercy Mwai @wangumarci

West Kenya Sugar Company chairman Jaswant Rai yesterday fought off claims that he is involved in sugar cane poaching.

Appearing before the departmental committee on Implementation, Rai  (pictured) claimed those fighting him are jealous of his achievements.

“I am a victim of jealousy because I pay farmers for their sugarcane within seven days while other millers take months or even years to pay them. We must think about the farmer first,” he said.

He told the committee that he is ready to table evidence and documents to them to prove that all along he has had the interests of the sugar cane farmers at heart.

He also disputed claims that West Kenya Sugar company got its license illegally saying the allegation were untrue.

His sentiments came after MPs took him to task over cane poaching and demanded that he appears before the committee mid next month to shed light on the matter.

Led by the chairperson Moitalel ole Kenta, the MPs demanded to know whether Rai grows his own cane or  depends on farmers.

Kenta told him to table evidence before the committee to defend himself as the Agriculture committee of the last Parliament had indicted him and recommended that his licensee be revoked.

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