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New school dancehall gospel artiste, Havoc Kid

New school dancehall gospel artiste, Havoc Kid, catches the attention of many when she strolls into a room. Her style makes heads turn. Grace Wachira talks to her to find out what stirs her sense of style 

My fashion journey began…in High School. I used to play soccer and I was also the leader of our school’s dance crew, so during school functions, I used to be the one dressing the crew as we prepared for the presentations for our parents when they came visiting.

My most memorable fashion moment was when…Groove Awards nomination night early this year. I was in a black suit, white shirt and a blue-black bow tie and some sharp shooters; all cameras were on me and every presenter wanted to interview me because of how I rocked that night.

The reason my style is more tomboyish is because…it is heavily influenced by the music I play.  I also grewn up around boys and that also heavily contributed to my boy-meets-girl look.  Nonetheless, I have tried to switch to more lady-like getups.

If money was no object, I think I would get my hands shoes. My love for shoes is so strong, I can sleep hungry just to get paid for a pair of nice kicks.  

One designer I would kill to design my entire look is…D-man Mkare’s Fashion House. I love the good job he does, especially for Kenyan artistes when it comes to fashion.

One item I will always have in my closet and in good condition is…my sports bra.

I would love to be dressed by…international designer Cityboy Bawazir. He’s amazing. 

If I was not doing music…I would be one of the players for Harambee Starlets

I am not big on…accessories. I tried putting on a watch it didn’t work. And even as much as I love rings, they also didn’t work for me. I found them quite uncomfortable.

My signature look involves…long shirts or vintages with sweatpants or tracks and most definitely Vans.

My greatest fashion obsessions are…suits.

I never miss…tracks and sweapants in my closet. I am also big on bagpacks and most of the time, it will house my phone charger, a bottle of water and a novel.

My definition of being well dressed is…being in comfortable attire regardless of what other people think.

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