Recce cop held in Monica saga ‘attached to US embassy’

A General Service Unit (GSU) officer held in the probe of the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani is a highly trained officer.

Jennings Orlando, 31, is attached to Recce Squad. He was arrested on Thursday in connection with Monica’s killing in her apartment on September 19.

Sources told People Daily Orlando is among officers deployed to guard the United States embassy in Nairobi and is a member of the Special Programme for Embassy Augmentation and Response (SPEAR).

SPEAR, created in 2014 by the Diplomatic Security Service, comprises GSU officers whose mission is to respond to critical incidents involving US mission staff and facilities in the country. Besides Kenya, the unit also supports US missions in Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Chad, Iraq, South Sudan, Tunisia, Nigeria.

“SPEAR institutionalises and refines a country’s capability to support US diplomatic security through training. Its curriculum focuses on the hard and soft skills needed to respond to threats facing State Department personnel overseas,” The US State Department had said on the unit’s launch.

Orlando was arraigned in a Kiambu court on Friday, where the prosecution asked for 14 days to continue  holding him as investigations into Monica’s killing are underway.

Orlando is said to be a of  friend of Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie, who has been charged with Monica’s murder. He is  charged alongside journalist Jacque Maribe. Monica’s body was found in a bathtub in her apartment on Nairobi’s Dennis Pritt Road with her throat slit.

Sources said Orlando could be used as a prosecution witness in the case if he cooperates with investigators. It is not clear what his role was in the murder but an official aware of the probe said he “has much”.

It is believed he was seen with Irungu at a popular joint along Dennis Prit Road the night Monica was killed, with some witnesses positively identifying him.

The killer weapon, believed to be a knife is yet to be recovered. Also missing are Monica’s house and car keys. Detectives are retracing Orlando’s movements before and after the killing.

Kiambu magistrate Justus Kituku directed that Orlando be presented in court on November 2. Police had been looking for a person captured by security cameras in a car with Irungu on the ill-fated night. Maribe and Irungu appear in court on October 24 for their bail application hearing.

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