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Overplayed playlists in clubs are so tiring

How’s your week been? Fine I hope. I’m relieved that it’s the weekend all over again! So releaved I want to sleep all day. But then, I’m a party person, so that means my phone won’t stop ringing if I decide to stay indoors.

Today, we do things differently. Not that we don’t have plenty of places to review, no. I just thought this party person could vent, just a bit. I was at Brew Bistro in Westlands last week and I noticed something that tends to lack in many club establishments, especially in Nairobi. I am not in any way a brand ambassador for this club, neither is the resident deejay my boyfriend.

You see, Brew gives me that feeling of a good night. I mean, when partying at this club, I never feel like going home; l feel like staying for hours on end. If anything, I would probably pitch a camp right there.

Anyway, here is my point. Music, especially when clubbing, needs to keep you grooving. This basically means we can’t listen to the same playlist in the matatu, at concerts, on the radio and we still listen to it at the club.

Deejays will always insist they have to play up to date music; you know the catchy-club banging type. My heart aches every time I get to hear Muziki by Tanzanian artiste, Darasa, or Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee. I distaste these two songs.

Not that they are bad, it’s just because they have been overplayed and lost the taste. I mean they are artistes with a huge collection of songs, but and we (and deejays) still choose to play the same songs over and over again and on every platform.

Introduce us to new kind of music; we will learn to love and appreciate them. Have a different set of playlist from time to time. Do you know you can name specific deejays in Nairobi clubs and we can give you a run down of their whole playlist?

I mean, literally, after Rara by Tekno, they will probably drop Patoranking’s Love You My Baby and then probably Kwangwaru by Harmonize ft Diamond Platnumz will follow. Can we be a little bit creative?

It’s high time revellers get value for their money. And that’s the whole package including music. Have a soulful weekend!

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