AP bullets ruined my life, says Nakuru man

Noah Cheploen @cheploennoah

The night of September 29 last year will remain etched in the mind of Benard Njuguna. This day he was shot on both arms by a trigger-happy Administration Police officer—ruining his life.

The day’s activities kicked off normally at his bicycle repair shop at Tumsifu area in Bahati, Nakuru county.

As usual, he would find himself busy helping customers get their two-wheelers back on the road. Little did he know the day would turn tragic and his life change for the worse.

“I left my place of work at around 7pm, an hour later I was in the house, prepared supper and went to sleep,” he recalls.

At around 1.30am he received a distress call from his landlady Grace Maina, who lives in the next plot informing him their neighbours across the road were being attacked by thugs. All tenants woke up and gathered outside.

“As we were planning on how to help them outside our gate, we heard gunshots and everyone scampered for safety,” he says.

Njuguna was the last to enter the gate and unfortunately got shot on both hands as he was closing the gate. He collapsed and bled profusely.

Apparently, somebody had called the police informing them of the robbery incident but the officers “confused” the homes, consequently shooting and injuring an innocent resident. The robbers escaped in the confusion.

The officers took Njuguna to Nairobi Womens Hospital in Nakuru town but he was referred to Nakuru Level Five Hospital, where unfortunately he could not be treated because doctors were on strike.

After moving to different hospitals in search of treatment, Njuguna finally was advised by doctors to have one of his arms amputated which was done  at the Kijabe Mission Hospital.

“The right arm was amputated and the left treated and a metal plate implanted to assist in recovery,” a medical report says.

He was discharged in October last year but the left hand wound is yet to heal. “It is painful. I don’t know what to do now,” Njuguna said.

Nakuru County Human Rights Network, through executive director David Kuria, has now written to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Director of Criminal Investigations and Independent Medical Legal Unit (IMLU) seeking justice for Njuguna.

Efforts to get a comment from OCS Bahati Police Station or the investigation officer Peter Kairungu bore no fruit as our calls went unanswered.

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