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A blush of green for indoor spaces

Some people have art pieces and others keep plants; my friend has both. She has been actively practicing wellness and part of that includes injecting the serenity of green in spaces around her at home.

When feeling down and dreading the light, these plants forcifully greet her when she rolls out of bed. She says they make her feel connected to whatever it is out there that she feared would remind her of the life that continues to exist even when she doesn’t want to.

So she laughs and waters them and parts the curtains for some sun rays. Her room has a taro plant and succulent in two big pots. Their aesthetic appeal lured her into buying them. Then there’s the viper’s bowstring hemp in the living room and a cactus on the balcony.

Talk about fresh air all round. She chose plants that survive the harshest conditions and only ask for occasional watering. Their evergreen nature breathe tranquillity into these spaces and give them added décor flair. With a decorative blush of green, these house plants bring the outdoors in. Keeping house plants doesn’t demand a lot of space.

They come in different sizes that can sit on the floor, on side tables, windows and shelves. The beauty of indoor greenery also lies in potting. Pots or planters come in various shapes, designs and sizes. Most of them are usually made with artistic embellishments that are good for home and office looks. It all depends on one’s style.

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