Women storm bar to flush out ‘husbands snatcher’

There was a commotion at Kabuta village in Kiharu constituency, Murang’a county, on Monday after angry women stormed a local bar to flush out a barmaid they claimed was snatching their husbands.

The women who camped outside Kuku Base Bar claimed that their husbands have abandoned  them and their children for the woman. They accused the woman of enjoying their husbands’ hard earned sweat from their casual labour.

Mary Wanjiku said her husband has on several occasions lied to her that he would be late from work only to learn that he has been having a good time at the bar. She accused her husand of neglecting her and their three children.

“This woman is a home-wrecker because she has made men run away from  us. She should go back to where she came from,” she said.

But their efforts to flush out the young woman were thwarted by their husbands who blocked them from accessing the bar, accusing the women of unfairly targeting the barmaid.

They accused the women of being jealous of one of their own for being able to win hearts of many men. The men said she is neat,  understanding and accommodating.

Peter Njoroge, one of the men who stopped the women from entering the bar, said the young woman is always grateful for anything a man gives her as a tip or for any service she offers, unlike their wives who keep demanding more money each time.

He added that the woman “also smells good and applies make up and cologne, making her smell good throughout the day”.  Reports indicate that two men from the area allegedly committed suicide after being rejected by the woman.

Area chief Mary Wambui confirmed the incident saying that she had ordered the woman to relocate to another place  for the sake of peace in the village.

But speaking to the People Daily,  the woman denied the claims saying that she attracts  men because of her good personality.

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