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Singer Choku championing environment conservation

Kenyan singer, Wambui Kimaru, better known by her stage moniker Choku, is urging people of goodwill to join hands in her environment preservation efforts.

The singer rose to fame when she formed a formidable force with rappers Rat-a-at and the late Lady S to form Calif Angels, an outfit that churned a lot of hit songs. She says that during her current music hiatus, she’s been spearheading a tree planting initiative, purposely with an aim to restore the country’s forest cover in making a positive impact on environment.

“I have a passion for environment and nature always wears the colour of the spirit. With a bunch of friends, we have been buying seedlings and planting them on private farms. I now want to take it to a larger scale and do something that will have a more significant impact on the environment. I have always been passionate about environment conservation. I made a decision not to just sit and wait for others to do it. I may have not done much, but one tree makes all the difference and I believe one tree at a time I will get there,” she says.

Concerning her music, the Go Down hit-maker intimates that time is all she has and her comeback will be bring the best she has to offer to her fans.

She says: “In music, just like in any other business, timing is key. When the time is right, you will see a bigger and better Choku. I will be performing with a live band to at least bring the live experience to music fans. It’s not fair to make people pay for a concert and then playback a CD. Music is a piece of art that goes straight into the heart, therefore music will always be a part of my life.”

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