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The government is very busy being busy

Ndung’u  Mburu

There is no other country I’d rather be in than Kenya! Seriously! In which other country does the government give you permission to construct a building then after spending a fortune and getting a cabinet minister to launch it, that same government comes back to tell you “oh, look, what a nice building you’ve got there! We bet it’d look better if we pulled it down!”  This is Kenya — the land of tea, Eliud Kipchoge and political comedians.

Before we proceed, allow me to register my heartfelt condolences to the families of the 58 people who perished in the Kericho bus accident.

What is absolutely breathtaking, mind boggling, utterly shocking and quite Kenyanese is how effectively the government acted after the fatal crash by sending condolence tweets and a press conference by Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet.

Could more have been done? Hmm? Like what? Arrest the overloaded bus with no insurance and a 72-year-old driver at the numerous roadblocks between Nairobi and Kericho?

Do you know how much work, personnel and money that would take? In this economy? When we’re trying to hold a referendum? I mean, we just don’t have that kind of resource base.

We’re trying to look for the Sh12 billion Independent  Electoral and Boundaries Commission chair  Wafula Chebukati and his people need for the referendum. Also, bye bye Ezra Chiloba aka Chilobae, it was nice when it lasted (sorry ladies).

Anyway, I digress; you clearly don’t know how busy our government is. Please understand that the government is busy supervising the demolition of illegally built buildings that the government had previously approved because the government never told the government that the government had given all the necessary approvals. Catch my drift? No? Neither do I. Welcome to Kenya!

In any case, tweets have sufficed in the past. It’s not like this was the umpteenth accident that has taken Kenyans’ lives because of negligence by the guys who take 50-bobs on the road. What you also have to understand is that the government is busy. Very busy.

And for those doubting Thomases that don’t get it yet, the government is very busy discussing amongst itself in loud voices at funerals on the need to or not to change the Constitution.

The same Constitution that was described by the same people in the government just the other day — 2010 —  as “the most progressive in the world.”

So progressive it is, they said, that everybody – all 50 million of us – would be in government. All-inclusive! It, therefore, bamboozles me that some people are trying to change the law of the land!

Who else are we adding in this Constitution to make it even more inclusive? The Chinese? Animals in twos? Speaking of which, is Migingo part of this deal or are we still “negotiating” with Museveni himuselefu?

This Constitution change debate busy-ness is quite confusing. So confusing it is that even Deputy President  William Ruto can’t decide whether he wants it or not.

I don’t blame the man, though. You say No and warn people about taxes being raised for your fellow hustlers to fund it, then end up joining the clique of tax raisers. What would you do if you were in his shoes?

Laugh? They say laughter  is the best medicine and I find it easier to laugh than to cry because, again, I’m an African man and crying is taboo (this includes crying while laughing).

Having said that, I’ve stopped watching comedy shows. I now just turn on the news and watch politicians confuse themselves and us in the process!

Go Harambee Stars!!

The writer is a presenter at Kameme TV.

[email protected]

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