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DJ JR — Entertainer at Kaka Empire

Which is your latest gadget?

It’s an iPhone X

What do you love in it?

It’s iPhone X.  It has the world in it. Hahaa

Do you prefer the deejay software or the whole equipment set?

I prefer the whole equipment because that’s what I learnt to use first, plus it’s always fun spinning the decks.

Have you ever made a mix that fans didn’t like?

Never! I’m a perfectionist, so I take my time in making all my mixes, so when they go up they’re up to the desired standards.

What’s that one gadget you wouldn’t trade for anything?

That must be my laptop, because all my work is in it. It is one of my invaluable and priceless possessions.

One childhood gadget that you still treasure.

The famous Brick Game. I still have it to date. I love it!

Your worst gadget ever and why?

The same Brickgame. It got me suspended in school.

As a deejay, what among your gadgets do you value the most?

My laptop. Without it, I’d have a hard time because all my music is in there.

Which is your most expensive gadget and how much did it cost?

My deejay equipment. I spent a lot of money to stay up to date with the latest in the business. However, I am not at liberty to disclose the sums.

Which gadget do you use the most and why?

My laptop because I listen to music everyday, use it for practice and arrange playlists.

Which app do you use mostly on your phone and why?

First thing almost everyone does when they get online is to open WhatsApp. Communication is everything, although my boss King Kaka sends me mad memes on Instagram like nobody’s business, so that would be the second one.

What would you be if you were a gadget?

Technics headphones for a deejay because I would hear the next song before everyone does in the club.

The gadget you can’t live without and why?

My laptop; it’s what is on it that pays me. Literally, it feeds me!

If you were to upgrade one of your gadgets, what would you opt for and why?

I would go for the deejay equipment because technology evolves everyday, and I want to stay updated.

Do you look for brands or the output while shopping for gadgets?

I definitely look for the brands. Who wouldn’t want to shine to their friends? (Laughs out loud).

What’s the gadget you always wish you had?

A time-travel machine. Don’t ask me why though.

What are the basics of becoming a deejay, especially when on a budget?

Just enroll in a deejaying school first and get to learn the basics of deejaying. Then save up for a laptop and a hard drive and collect music. Game over.

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