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7 easy ways to look prettier

Vanessa Mwangi

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Looking prettier doesn’t have to require too much time or effort. There are many ways to up your beauty game in a matter of minutes.

Stand and sit up straight

Slouching is unattractive. Instantly change that by making standing and sitting up straight a habit. It makes you look more elegant and appear few pounds lighter.

Wear a lipstick that’ll make you stand out

You don’t need to accompany this with a full face of make-up. A bare face with a bold lip is all that is needed. Go for dark reds and light pinks for this look. Know what works best for your skin colour.

Drink water

Your skin will thank you for this by looking more radiant. Just down at least five glasses of water a day, and you’ll see incredible results within a month or less.

Get the help of a vitamin capsule

Vitamin supplements can help you better your skin, hair, nails and overall health overtime. The best vitamins to buy are Vitamin A, B, C, and D. All you have to do is consume one daily and watch as you become prettier. Research on which vitamin can help you achieve exactly what you’d like to improve.

Focus on your eyebrows

Once again, this doesn’t need to include a full made up face. How your eyebrows look will determine the way your overall facial features appear. Ensure you shape them often so that your face can look more aligned and attractive. Find out the best eyebrow look for your face shape.

Smile more

It sounds cliché, but happier people are generally more attractive. So laugh a little louder.

Wear a nice perfume

If you smell nice, you’re more likely to appear attractive. Get a scented moisturiser and body wash to smell even more heavenly.

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