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A thrilling rooftop buzz at London’s party island

Up a brightly coloured staircase to the rooftop, Bar Elba was our happy hour and late night plan. Call it a party island as it is known, Bar Elba’s charm in London’s Waterloo stands out like a peacock. And I have a thing for peacocks; so, I was in the right place.

We were a big squad and had made a reservation with an eagerness for their killer cocktails on a Tuesday afternoon. The bar’s historical theme was carved off the French Revolution military commander Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile to the miniature Island of Elba.

The décor was so beautiful and when you aren’t admiring it, your eyes inevitably wander to the London skyline, with a drink in hand. Mine was a double mojito, to kick things off.

Let me just say Bar Elba convinced me that my mojito love had been played by so many clubs here in Nairobi. They showed me how a classic mojito should taste like; kind to the tongue and awakening senses in the right corners within.

As the afternoon wore on and sunset came, the tunes playing were right for that moment. The company was amazing, the drinks flowed in plenty and when my stomach rumbled I went for the Potato Rosti Burger that sandwiched a fried egg with a side of cheesy fries.

Oh, it was bliss. What other great way to step into midweek than with beautiful people, good conversations over swanky cocktails, a glowing skyline for a view and laughter.

The bar menu hosts a selection of wines, beers, cocktails and ciders. Of course there’s a range of sparkling bubbles for big spenders. We stuck to the cocktails and later in the night when we were down to five people, we ordered a big jug cocktail of Sex on The Elban Beach.

The jug came after my last sip of Hidden Julep, which was a blend of Bombay Sapphire gin, fresh lemon juice, fresh mint, Pimm’s No.1, cucumber syrup, apple juice.

We chatted into the night as the first and second jugs sashayed down our throats. A couple of sips later, we left the starry-lit party island and parted ways with free Elba postcards. What a way to spend a night!

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