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Legislators fight for control of cash set aside for development

Members of parliament are now pushing to have control over the billions of shillings that have been set aside for the construction of the 290 sports academies.

The academies are being constructed at a cost of Sh 7.2b for a period of five years.

At a meeting between sports principal secretary Kirimi Kaberia, the mps said that they are the ones who pushed to have the academies constructed at the constituencies instead of counties. According to them, MPs are known to be jealous people as they safeguard that which is there’s as their mandate comes from people who elected them in to office.

Led by the committee chairperson Moitalel Ole Kenta, Mps Richard Onyonka(Kitutu Chache), Johnson Naicca (Mumias West) Godfrey Osotsi (nominated) however told Kaberia that they are willing to set aside some fund from the National Government –Constituency Development Fund  (NGCDF) to enable the construction of the academies.

Said Onyonka: “we are glad that the academies are being constructed in the constituencies because members are known to be jealous as they guard what is there’s.”

Naicca said that as mps they are in agreement that the academies be constructed in the constituencies as this will be beneficial to all Kenyans at the grassroots level.

Osotsi said that the concept of sports academies should concentrate on development of skills, training of coaches that will impact knowledge to Kenyans.’

But Keiyo North MP James Murgor and his counterparts from Nyando Jared Okelo demanded to know whether the government is serious about constructing the academies and whether there will be value for money.

Okelo sought to know whether the move by the government is an exercise in futility especially after it failed to deliver on one of its promises which included constructions of five stadias.

He said: “you failed in the construction of five stadia’s how are we going to achieve this. Is it viable at all or it’s just one of those projects that will go nowhere?”

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