Dialogue to end water row, Uhuru tells Sonko, Wa Iria

The wrangle between Nairobi and Murang’a counties over water and unease over the Handshake yesterday bubbled to the surface as mourners thronged Kigumo for the burial of legendary musician Joseph Kamaru.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was among top political leaders present among them Deputy President William Ruto, former Prime minister Raila Odinga and Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria, promised that both regions will henceforth be receiving equal share of the resource.

He said residents of both counties have equal rights to the commodity because its a natural resource which should not be claimed by anybody, adding that leaders and stakeholders in the sector should engage in dialogue and get an amicable solution to the water war.

Uhuru at the same time used the occasion to tell off critics of the Handshake between him and Raila warning Kenyans to be wary of cheap politics likely to divide the country.

“As leaders we ought to retract back and ask ourselves where the rains started beating us for us to cause bloodshed and loss of lives for our people. We must end the notion that competitive politics means shedding of blood and animosity against each other,”  said the President.

He said the new found truce between him and Raila will help building bridges of peace which will go on for decades.

“We are working to bring to an end recurrent violence and unrest which comes every time elections approach. After every five years there is tension and unrest people fearing chaos during the polls and this must stop,” he added.

Ruto pledged to support bid to unite the country beyond one political party. “It is because of this unity that the country is speaking in one voice,” he said.

Raila cautioned that  the country cannot prosper with division on ethnic and tribal basis. He tickled mourners when he said  his journey to Canaan was scuttled  by some  crocodiles he found at ‘River Jordan’.

“When we could not cross the river we opted to build bridges of peace and that’s why I agreed to join hands with the President,” he said. Raila said he has not lost vision of leading the country to the promised land.

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