Court lists Nyong’o kin as estate co-managers

Sarah Adhiambo @PeopleDailyKe

A Kisumu court yesterday ruled that Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o kin be joined as co-administrators of their deceased father’s estate.

High Court judge Tripisisa Cherere said Kenneth Akuthe has been appointed co-administrator of the deceased Hezbon Nyong’o’s estate together with Nyong’o and Mary Nyong’o.

Justice Cherere also ruled that Nyongo’o, Mary Owiti, Esther Nyong’o, Susan Mudhune and Mary Nyong’o file an account of the estate within 40 days.

The three co-administrators were also directed to apply for a grant within 60 days after the ruling.

Nyong’o’s nephews Geoffrey Omondi and Kenneth Okuthe had sued him and his sister Risper Nyagoy for allegedly leaving out some relatives from a list of beneficiaries to their grandfather’s multi-million-shilling estate.

Applicants argued that the administrators left out two of their sisters (Margaret Awuor and Judith Nyong’o) from the list of beneficiaries.

Proceedings had to go to full hearing following failed attempts by the judge to have the family settle the matter out of the court. The estate was worth about Sh200 million in 2014.

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