NLC turns to State officers in Kilifi scheme land probe

Murimi Mutiga @ MutigaMurimi

Top government officials and foreigners are among people summoned to appear before the National Land Commission (NLC) today to explain how they obtained large parcels of land at the controversial Jimba Settlement Scheme in Kilifi.

Acting NLC chairperson Abigael Mbagaya said yesterday the commission has unearthed a scandal which led to the illegal allocation and acquisition of the prime land at the expense of squatters.

Those mentioned included former lands adjudication officers, their colleagues who worked in different ministries, all who were part of a scheme to illegally allocate themselves the land.

Others being probed are Italian nationals, who colluded with locals to obtain and sell land at exorbitant prices to unsuspecting clients years after an embargo was placed by the government in 1987.

The commission has been holding public hearings in Watamu as it investigates how the process of allocation was done with a view of ending ownership conflict and lifting an embargo that has lasted for 31 years.

By Tuesday the NLC team led by Acting chairperson Abigael Mbagaya had concluded hearing cases involving some 300 plots and lifted embargo to more than 80 per cent of the land.

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