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Things men hate hearing women say

You thought it was just women who found certain phrases annoying? (Yeah, right.) Manuel Ntoyai and Barry Silah share phrases that annoy the man in your life both instantly and profoundly

1. “You are better than my exes who were jerks!”

If there is one thing that takes off a man’s last ounce of strength; is when sub-consciously or knowingly she compares you with her exes. Whether in good faith or in reference to a bad episode, no man would want to be caught dead with sentiments of comparisons.

The male ego is fragile as it is, for a woman to bruise that is criminal. Especially during intimacy, that can be such an absolute turn-off because the bull loves to graze minus competition around. It is not right for any man to even start hearing tales of the past with a string of other exes in tow because it simply disrespects him.

2. “Relax; we are still running late anyway”

Virtually, all men on planet earth have a tinge of impatience in them, especially when it comes to women and dragging. Most men are usually punctual in their duties, but that would be the opposite for the women.

The worst part is when a partner sensing delay on her part casually tells you to go ahead and relax. It is the height of insensitivity because it means that men are supposed to be cool about it or basically have no feelings.

It is almost as though it is the man with the problem yet she keeps triggering an argument. On the flip side ladies; how did you react the last time you were upset and he brushed it off by telling you to chill out?

3. “You should hang out with that guy, he seems cool”

Who tells you I want my friends to be selected for me? I can handle that bit sweetheart, thanks a bunch! Trying to direct my social circle or my Saturday diary can make my mind race into wondering if you are the kind of girl who in the future will be commandeering me.

Such are the stunts that make men itch with jealousy since they will make one wonder her intentions with that chap you are so desperately rooting for. If you really think there’s potential for a great bromance, arrange a group outing and let things unfold, however they may.

4. Short or curt answers

Ladies, we know you go through your emotional roller coasters that sometimes leave you in no mood for talk. However, what is the deal with these short or curt one-liners?

It is utterly annoying and frustrating in equal measure. So, we had a small fight then I come home say hey and you answer back dismissively… “Hello”. For goodness sake, just tell me what it is, period. The other alternative, which on the contrary could be worse is shutting up altogether. Men cringe at such moments; they can sense or feel danger looming sometimes over something so meagre.

These are the same people who will want to crucify you if you fail to answer a one-liner text message inside 10 minutes. Some of the most or fond one answer lines the lady folk prefer are like;ok, thanks, fine, et cetera.

5. “I am too old for that, did it all before”

Men are visual beings and like associating with the niceties, women included. I cannot for the life of me understand when I ask to take you out and you want to turn up in grandmother attire. If you are my women, make an effort to dress, so that I feel confident around you.

These habit of women who get married and drop their guard with statements like “Oh, I used to feel that style, I am getting too old for that. Let me dress my own way” is plain sucking.

6. Go shave!

There is a certain reason why God created us to be the guardians of facial hair! I mean, beard is not only divine, but they help us in an awful lots of ways.

First, it helps hide imperfections like a hiding jawlines, cheekbones and also acts as our make-up! Science is also backing us up, that bearded men are more attractive and well, makes us look like a man not a school boy.

7. We need to talk

A lot of relationship and marriages have sunk because of those dreaded four words! While communication is key in any relationship, dudes can be high strung by them.

Imagine yourself chilling in the house with the woman of your dreams, waiting for something important on TV such as football or your favourite TV series to start, and in she glides into the the sitting room with her face frowning and she utters those damning words.

8. “Football or me!”

This is one battle women will never win. Naturally, men are adrenaline junkies and sports provides that platform to roar, cheer, jump, shout, curse and such venting ways. While watching football, men bond, and yes, it is a great conversation starter.

After a week or even a couple of days sweating off at the fields (or office) football provides an opportunity to unwind. While it is not the most important thing in our lives, sports have that edge over a lot of things in life. I’m sure you have heard of this line before, she made me choose between football and her, I miss her pancakes!

9. Stop wasting money

It’s irritating when women insist on spending their money on things they want, but when it comes to men, it is wasting. Of course, I need the latest Fifa video game and don’t ask me if Ronaldo stopped scoring in Fifa 18 and if it is really a necessity.

10. I am not your mother

There are lines you don’t cross and one is the bond between a man and his mother. However, women have always uttered these blasphemous words in a state of anger.

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