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Meet Multi-talented Anyiko Owoko is a publicist, journalist

Multi-talented Anyiko Owoko is a publicist, journalist, and PR specialist-cum-media entrepreneur. She’s been in the industry for well over 10 years. As she continues to marvel in her career, Alfayo Onyango catches up with the founder of Anyiko PR, one of the biggest celebrity PR agencies in East Africa

You’re an alpha-female of sorts, handling multiple roles and stepping on misogynistic stereotypes. What are some challenges you’ve endured to get to where you are today?

I have endured people belittling me because I am a woman and also young. Most people don’t believe it when I tell them what I have done or what my company does, so most times I really have to let my work speak for itself. This inturn makes me work extra hard because I am also trying to prove another point — that I can do it; just as good if not the best way.

Congratulations on your achievement of being listed in OkayAfrica’s 2018 Top100 Women. What impact did that have on you, and your profession?

Thank you for the big up. I mean it had a big impact in the sense that I feel like I am not a ghost — my work is recognised across Africa. I never thought I would make it on such a list. It gave me hope and drive to keep going. My journey can inspire a lot of young people, especially women. I think the direct impact on my career is that it legitimised me more. It gave me more credibility. It also means a lot of professionals are diverted to me via that accolade. 

Give us a brief of your childhood background until this very moment where you are now the most sought-after publicist in entertainment circles. Have you always had it this easy?

I was born and raised in Molo. I was always a village girl and I came from a small town. My parents owned the only serious video library in Molo. Growing up in such an environment exposed me to a lot of pan African and Western content. I think this is what made me gear towards entertainment and arts. And no, it wan’t easy, especially because there aren’t a lot of opportunities in a small town such as Molo. I think at every stage there is something to overcome. I am a fighter, so that’s never been a big problem for me.

Are you seeing anyone?

Yes, I am. I call him the man of my life.

Anyiko PR is currently holding down Kenya’s name in entertainment circles both locally and internationally. In your opinion, has it reached its full potential?

Anyiko PR isn’t even halfway reaching its full potential. We literally just began! There is a lot more to come.

What are some of the things we can look out for?

I recently launched my new TV show: VIP Access with Anyiko on YouTube. I’ve been interviewing a series of stars — it’s a dope show to follow. I am also getting back to blogging. I want to venture fully and deeply into the East African scene and do more cross promotions of artistes.

What’s the most fun part as well as the most pressuring part about your job?

The fun part is meeting stars from across the world and working with them. The pressure is when they refuse to attend work/press conferences or even wake up (jokes). Seriously, this job comes with a lot of pressure. I always say a PR person’s number one  job is to make everyone happy and that’s not an easy task.

If you could interview any person in the world, who would it be and why? Probably Oprah Winfrey because I feed on people’s energies and she seems to have a good and unique one.

What does it take for a young aspiring artiste to get the Anyiko treatment for their brand?

Contact us. Send your music, profile and request. All our emails and numbers are on our social media platforms and websites: www.anyiko-pr.com

Lastly, what are the most inspiring words you have ever had that stuck with you to date?

My mother told me hard work never goes unpaid.

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