Kepsa urges stiff penalties for graft suspects

Anthony Mwangi and Bonny Musangi

Corruption, high taxes  and bureaucracy are the major impediments to doing business in the country.

Kenya Private Sector Alliance  (Kepsa) chief executive Carole Kariuki  said yesterday research shows that improving governance and controlling corruption could increase income per capita by 400 per cent.

Speaking in Mombasa during the Speaker’s Roundtable between the private sector and Parliament, she urged the government to intensify the war on corruption and other economic crimes and strengthen law enforcement, prosecutorial and criminal justice action.  “Public, private dialogue should also be strengthened for information targeting those who pose greatest risk,’’ she said.

Kariuki urged the government protect local industries from unfair competition from cheap imports and proliferation of illicit goods.

“Cheap and illicit goods are killing local industries,” she said.

procured services by the state also contributed to the stalling or delay in delivery.

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