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Top 10 teams who never won the Champions League

The teams could be boasting some of the best players in the world, some with an open cheque to sign who ever they want, but suprisingly have never been able to win the European Champions League. Compiled by Sandra Wekesa

10. FC Basel

This talented team made their inroads into the champions league way back in 2002/2003season. They also had their highs and some really good performances even beating the ultimate Manchester United 2-1 through which they qualified in the 16th Round in 2011. This team has competed in European competitions every season since 1999–2000 but sill they have never won the Champions league.

9. Zenit St. Petersburg

This team has some really talented players who have managed 18 goals in nine matches in the current Russian league, and in the last few years they have raised their own bars. Zenit first entered into the coveted Champions league in the 2008/2009 season but they have not been able to win the champions league. Even after having world class players such as Axel and Hulk in their side, they have not been able to manage this feat.

8. Tottenham Hotspurs

This team is blessed with really aggressive and talented youngsters and they have had some really memorable performances. They have made it to the Champions league five times the first being the 2010/2011 but have never made it to the finals of the competition despite having boasted the services of quality players such as Luka Modric, Gareth Bale and Dimitar Berbatov and now Harry Kane.

7. Shakhtar Donetsk

This team has surprisingly qualified for the Champions league as many as 18 times before the current season but they are yet to win the Champions league title. Their best performance in the competition so far has been reaching the quarter finals against Barcelona where they lost in the 2010/2011 season.

6. Paris Saint-Germain

Once again this team needs no introduction and it has world class players at their disposal. They first qualified for the Champions League in the 1994/95 season. They have had some memorable performances even defeating Chelsea and giving tough challenges to the reknowned teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. Their best performance so far was reaching the semi-finals against AC Milan where they lost 3-0.

5. Schalke 04

This team is considered to be one of the most hard-working and dedicated teams ever but still as their luck prevails, they have not managed to win Champions League even after qualifying for the Champions League eight times. Their best performance in the competition is reaching the semi-finals against Manchester United in the 2010/11 season where they were whitewashed 1-6 by the Red Devils.

4. Valencia

This team is known for putting up good fights and it needs no introduction that Valencia is one of the hard working and talented teams filled with beaming youngsters and experienced players alike. They have qualified for the Champions league as many as 10 times. They have even reached finals two times and quarter-finals twice as well, giving some tough competition to Real Madrid and other giants a run for their money but unfortunately they have not tasted the European Success.

3. Manchester City

Regarded as the latest galacticos in European football, Manchester City which had a turn a round after being acquired by UAE billionaire Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been dominant in the English Premier League but failed to carry the form to the European Champions League. Despite have the depth, with the most expensive and best players in the world, City who have made seven appearances in the Champions League before the current campaign, have never made any impact in the competition.

2. Atletico Madrid

They are two-time runners-up in the competition and a team which has reached quarter finals and finals but still have not tasted success in the past 42 years since they first qualified in 1972/73 season. Atletico Madrid is one team which even after great performances and filled with great players and the fact that they have been qualifying for the Champions League for decades, have never won the competition.

1. Arsenal F.C

At number one position is Arsenal F.C, despite having great players, despite putting a lot of hard work and great performances and qualifying several times, 19 times, they are yet to win this coveted title. Their best performance so far was reaching the finals in the 2005/06 season against Barcelona where they narrowly lost 2-1.

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