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Dine with a View

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but increasingly, the business lunch is gaining prominence as an alternative to boring boardroom meetings

Faith Kyoumukama @martkinel

rarely have lunch, preferring instead a heavy breakfast. But I have come to learn that I probably need to make lunch a bigger priority than perhaps dinner. It’s just that I feel like lunch is always rushed and after the meal I tend to get an attack of the itis. It’s just one of those habits I picked up in high school and years later I still can’t shake it off.

I was recently invited for a business lunch at the View Restaurant in Movenpick Hotel and Residence in Westlands. The business lunch is a new concept launched to cater to the business public looking for an ideal space for client engagements.

The View is a rotating restaurant on the 24th floor of the hotel and true to name, the Swiss signature restaurant offers a stunning 360 degree panoramic view of the city.

On a slow Tuesday afternoon, my colleague and I sit on a table for four. The table is well set up with proper plate arrangement and the waiter stands on the side, patiently waiting for our order. I’m down with the flu, so my only go to is Dawa, the honey ginger lime mix popular in Nairobi for fighting off the cold and I unashamedly had two glass jugs of the concoction.

It promptly cleared my sinuses, and as a bonus, the lime and ginger kick-started my appetite. The only downside was that my olfactory abilities were still subdued and I couldn’t, therefore, fully appreciate the flavours of the food. Not that it would stop me from digging in.

We started with a lentil and potato soup appetiser.  The potatoes add a naturally sweet finish that blends well with the lentils.  It’s a mix of protein and fibre, making it very filling and we had to take a 15-minute breather before the main course. For that we had the option of chicken or beef with onion ring toppings.

Perfectly moist

The beef was oven baked, serve with steamed broccoli. It was tender and easy to cut through. Usually, I’m torn between liking my meat medium rare and well done. The chef at Movenpick understands that medium-rare does not mean pink all through nor does well done mean nyama-choma dry.

Thankfully, it was was still perfectly moist. I can’t say much about the French fries, which as French fries go are just there. I would have preferred another option, perhaps mashed potatoes.

Note that while we dined, the restaurant was on rotation. One moment you are facing Sarit Centre and when you take a bite from the plate and look up, you are enjoying a scenic view of Parklands.

It’s reminiscent of the revolving restaurant atop KICC, which sadly isn’t operational any more. Nevertheless, Nairobi is truly a concrete jungle and from the perch you can see all the “concrete trees” around the city.

In case you want something different from the business lunch you can opt for other menu options from other restaurants in the hotel. Anythin from freshly-caught fish on the beach to couscous in a Bedouin tent. The speciality restaurants were designed with special occasions in mind, making them ideal for a candlelit dinner or group celebration.

The business lunch is available weekdays from Tuesday through to Friday and includes two-course and three-course meals for lunch at 2,200 per person and 2,600 respectively from midday.   So, in case you want a proper dining experience during lunch hour, why not enjoy it with a view.

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