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Meet Junior Orinah a budding street wear stylist

Junior Orinah is a budding street wear stylist behind the brand Nairobi Apparel District (NAD). NAD specialise in custom street wear clothes and have been receiving rave reviews for their exclusive merchandise. Alfayo Onyango seeks to find his style inspiration

My fashion journey began…in 2013. We had a page called Urban Trends. It was popular with most kids on the block. However, we decided to give them a more cutting edge, so we changed to Nairobi Apparel District.

My most memorable fashion moment…would have to be working with radio queen Adelle Onyango. It gave a lot of exposure. Guys didn’t see that coming.

The difference between designing for myself and others…comes down to fitting in terms of size and silhouettes as well. I like simple things. I’m a black on black guy any day.

My range features…customs. We do painted and printed customs. Ranging from our most popular jackets, pants, sneakers, caps, bags. You name it.

If I had all the money in the world…I would help the less fortunate. We all deserve the best in life man.

I believe you should always wear socks. (Laughs). It’s simple, but it always completes the look.

Everyone should own…a Nairobi Apparel custom for sure.

I would most love to dress…Nigerian star Wizkid. The man has style.

If I wasn’t a designer…I would be a human rights activist.

I am wearing a…black metamorphosis tee from Nairobi Apparel, Bongo Sawa pants and Doc Marten’s hush puppies.

My best fashion buy is… off-white. Well, off-white have crazy contrasting colour schemes. RAF Simmons and Magueila have the most creative silhouettes. It’s a no-brainer why they are my favourite international designers. Their pieces have indefinite shapes, and yet they always make sense.

My go to accessory…would have to be my vintage glasses and silver chain from Morganz Jewellery.

My signature scent…is Hugo boss. It’s masculine, but is also subtle; it’s not overpowering and it always makes a statement.

My fashion obsession is…sneakers. I can’t do without them.

I stock up on…Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (laughs).

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