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Why Maribe was arrested over murder

Seth Onyango and Kinyuru Munuhe @PeopleDailyKe

Detectives have given new insight into the painstaking investigation that helped nail the prime suspect in the gruesome killing of 28-year-old Monica Kimani inside her apartment in Nairobi last Thursday.

Fresh details reveal that the suspect, Joseph Irungu (aka Jowi), left a trail of tell-tale clues that likely exposed him as the person of interest in investigations into the brutal killing of Kimani whose body was found in a bathtub by her brother George Kimani with her throat slit.

It is the same clues that led the detectives to arrest TV presenter Jacque Maribe, who is expected in court today morning on charges of being an accessory to the murder and giving police false information. Police also believe Maribe may have fully been aware of at least some of Irungu’s actions but tried to cover them up in a bid to save his fiancé. 

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti said they had arrested Maribe for being an accessory to the murder.

“It seems she knew about all these but all she has been doing is trying to cover up for the suspect. We don’t know why,” said Kinoti.

Other DCI sources revealed that some items regarded as “crucial exhibits” found in Maribe’s house are key to cracking the murder puzzle and potentially point to the motive.   

He said if one didn’t have prior knowledge about a murder but gets to know about it then proceeds to assist a suspect by creating an alibi, the charge of accessory to murder applies. 

Detectives theorise that the wound on the left side of Irungu’s chest may have been an attempt to commit suicide after the reality and enormity of what he had done dawned on him.   Sources told People Daily that Irungu made a series of missteps, most significantly leaving the deceased’s house in a blood-stained kanzu and later taking a shower in Maribe’s house. 

He later picked a matchbox, walked out of the maisonette to a corner in the compound and torched a heap of items, including the kanzu as part of his cover-up efforts before driving off.

It could not be immediately established what else he burnt, but sleuths have collected samples of ashes for comprehensive analysis.

Detectives revealed the kanzu is an important piece of evidence as it will help them in genetic sleuthing, a type of forensic probe that uses DNA analysis to trace the culprit.   

It is understood that detectives interrogated Maribe’s house-help who was within the residence as part of efforts to corroborate evidence.

Police have also established that Kimani’s killer dumped her cell phone into a pool of water in a jerry can in her house.  This has also been recovered and is being analysed. 

It was after initial efforts to destroy evidence that Irungu is said to have driven to a nightclub in Westlands where Maribe was partying after work.

Witness accounts say Irungu arrived at the club at around 2:30 am, picked Maribe before they drove off to the latter’s home.

It was while en route to the house that police believe Irungu might have confided in Maribe what had transpired. She is to be charged today. 

According to sources in the know, it’s on the basis of the litany of missteps, gaps, contradicting statements, efforts to dispose of evidence and giving false information that police arrested Maribe and her being charged today. 

Police also questioned if the journalist was aware of partially burnt clothes found behind her house at the Royal Park Estate, Langata believed to be the ones Irungu wore on the fateful day Kimani was killed and when he reported having been shot by thugs two days later.

There was also the earlier mystery of a bullet found in her house and a gun with several bullets later recovered in the house of a neighbour, Brian Kasaine, where Irungu had reportedly taken the weapon for “safe custody.” Kasaine, who is the owner of a popular bar in the city is also in police custody. He was arrested on Saturday. 

The Citizen TV anchor and reporter was first detained at the Gigiri Police Station after being interrogated for three days before being taken back to DCI headquarters where she was grilled for the fourth day. 

Police were also interested in establishing if Maribe was of sound mind or was drunk when her fiancé possibly ‘revealed’ his activities prior to coming to pick her from the entertainment joint.    

According to police, Irungu may have tried to commit suicide on September 20 by shooting himself in the left side of the chest inside the toilet in Maribe’s house.

This contradicts the duo’s earlier statement in which they had claimed they were attacked inside the house but later changed the narrative that it had happened outside.

Gun experts believe Irungu used a piece of cloth to cover the pistol’s nozzle, to act as a silencer to avoid raising suspicion on the shooting.

It is after this attempt on his own life that Maribe reportedly drove him to Kijabe Mission Hospital and Langata Hospital. It is this catalogue of acts of contradiction, commission and/or omission that has ensnared Maribe, leading to her being arraigned this morning. 

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