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Meet Gor – Online funny man

Seth Gor has become a brand on social media because of his rib-tickling videos. He has leveraged on this platform to showcase his creativity

Njeri Maina @njerimainar

Seth Gor is fast becoming a household name, not just as a comedian, but also as a brand influencer. Seth, one of the main founders of Vines of Africa Ltd, a company that does brand endorsements through humorous videos, is the funny man who has managed to leverage the social media platform to showcase his creativity, his sense of humour and while at it make some money. 

He was catapulted to fame by his salt bae parody and the avocado bae, a video that became viral and trended worldwide. The video was featured on MTV and in the DRC news, a news station in Congo. 

A student at the University of Nairobi pursuing a degree in economics and statistics, Seth also doubles up as a brand representative for 1824, a pub in Nairobi and William Lawson whisky. While many only see his success now, not many are privy to the hard work that goes into creating online content and steadily growing yourself into a brand.

Seth has always been funny even when growing up. He had the uncanny ability to turn any situation into a joke.

“I usually like impersonating people and making parodies of situations or events. I have always made light of everything around me even when I was young,” Seth explains with a smile. 

While growing up he never aspired to pursue just one career and was instead fascinated by doing many things.

“When I was young, I wanted to be a cop so badly. But it was mainly because the thought of owning and holding a gun really fascinated me. But while at Upper Hill High School, I decided that I wanted to be a civil engineer. I was smart; I still am smart actually. 

I scored an A in my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination and I’m still wondering what happened,” he explains as the room bursts into spontaneous laughter. Turns out Seth, the online funny guy is funny in real life too. I started doing funny videos and posting them online in 2014. I met George Kimani, who also used to create vines and together we did a TV show.

We would later meet Henry Wahome who helped us create an online brand storytelling company, Vines of Africa, with the intent of monetising our online content and selling humorous branding ideas to brands.

Over time, the team has grown into a small cohesive group that includes Sharon Mwangi, popularly known as ‘Mama Sethi’, Kevin kalelwa and Jusper Bigambo.

While it may all seem easy and glamorous, just like in any other type of work, Seth struggles with a few challenges.

“It is not easy to churn out a steady stream of funny content. Moreover, you have to top your last job, which can be stressful for us creatives,” the fifth born in a family of seven explains.

Since consistency is such an important part of being a brand, Seth has to constantly create content despite having a creative block or struggling to decide which is the better or funniest among several ideas.

Moreover, what is scripted may not translate well into the brand mechanics, which forces the team to go back to the drawing board. He has learnt how to deal with this normally by decompressing through travelling or listening to soulful music first, then going back to the creative process with fresh eyes.

“Dating has also become hard as most people think I am a joker or the bad boy persona I portray in my vines,” he says with a light note.

To other upcoming comedians and social media entrepreneurs, Seth has nothing but encouragement to offer them.

“Try it out. You never know what will happen. Remember that social media is a powerful tool as people are on their phones more than 70 per cent of the time. But also remember that you need to be consistent to create a brand,” Seth Gor concludes.

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