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Ushuru lose ground in SPL promotion bid after dull draw

Ushuru lost ground Friday in their attempt to earn in the National Super League after drawing 1-1 with St Joseph’s Youth at Camp Toyoyo.

Bill Oporia opened the scoring for the taxmen in the second minute after free flowing interplay between lively Alex Sunga and Maxwell Ravel. His quick touch on the ball inside the danger zone gave custodian Martin Lule of the Saints with no chance. The attack minded Ushuru were always prodding the spaces relentlessly especially through Anthony Ndolo and Patrick Macharia in midfield.

However their momentum seemed to be waning off when the Saints picked pace and played advancing football at the opponents’ territory. Martin Oduor and Stephen Njoroge were the main tormentors from their direct wing play which rattled Ushuru.

The second half after tactical switches, the Saints stepped up with more purposeful play. Ushuru seemed disoriented as their goalkeeper Isaiah Wakasala was constantly exposed. A tidy corner off Adam Said in the 67th was met with a well connected header by defender Kevin Taabu for the equalizer with the backline napping.

“It is a difficult result to comprehend because we had open chances. We should have won it but nonetheless we shall take the point,” said a gutted Coach Ken Kenyatta after the match while his counterpart Nicholas Mbogo praised the work ethic of his charges.

Meanwhile KCB beat struggling Green Commandos 2-0 courtesy of a Kennedy Owino brace in the 20th and 62nd minute to push them firmly at 69 points in the log. – BARRY SILAH  

Nyarombo but his shot was not powerful enough to fire up Stima(Western) to the lead.

It was another disappointing attempt for the host as Nyarombo’s attempts  repulsed.

This what got coach Paul Ogai talking.

“For us its a pleasant feeling, its been tough for us but positivity and team work among players helped us back to the league”,eleted Ogai.

Ogai bemoaned lots of challenges they faced in their journey back to the league.

He said few changes in some departments were key to their success.

“ Moving forward we will have to do some adjustment in the attacking area and midfield”,he noted.

In bid to restore parity in the team,coach Paul Ogai brought Herbert Kopany in the 46th minute for Oruko.

Ogai later brought in Wesley Kemboi to replace Nyarombo while Coast Stima coach Kenneth Onukho went for Okoth Okumu for Davis Shikala.

“ A loss does not mean we played poorly, I must say we were somehow unlucky to win the match today”, said coach Onukho.After Nyakach, Eldoret Youth have Kitale Transfoc up next before taking on Trans Mara Sugar in the penultimate match.

They then wrap up the season with a visit to St Joseph’s Youth where the trophy will be presented.

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