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The ninja warrior – Evans Marate aka Bandit

What made you go for this bike in particular?

Because it’s an easy bike to ride, I would say that it works well as an entry-level bike for anyone who wants to get into sports biking. It’s also quite forgiving of newbie mistakes. Most sports bikes have too much power and put it down so aggressively that it’s hard to manage.

I would recommend anyone looking to get into sports bikes to start with this as the power is accessible and usable; you feel comfortable pushing it to the limit unlike others, which can be intimidating and downright dangerous for a beginner.

What do you love about it?

Despite being speed oriented, it is surprisingly economical as well. If I fill up the tank I can have a full month of daily riding. Of course, that was before the fuel price went up, so now I’m managing about three weeks for a full tank. Also for town riding, it is more or less oriented like a normal bike. This bike is quite comfortable and manoeuvrable even in tight cities.

Any memorable experiences with it?

Of course, there are the races that are always awesome. I have done The Great Rift Valley (TGRV) racetrack a few times and then, of course, there are the long distance rides. I’ve done Busia several times, Garissa, Meru, Mombasa and it still just goes.

Any downsides?

If it goes down and you need to replace something, you need to go scour the Internet and import. There is literally nothing available for it locally.

Secondly, sports bikes are about getting comfortable with the riding dynamics and the power; so, because it is so comfortable to ride and the power band manageable, you will get used to it in less than a year and then you’ll have the itch to upgrade to something more powerful.

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