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Wedding cost-cutting secrets

For most people, this is the season of jumping the broom and declaring their love in front of family and friends. While it is an important affair as far as matters status is concerned, it can prove to be a rather expensive one, which can leave a couple in debt, if they do not plan well. Wedding planner Winnie Wendy of Kayluna Events shares some of the ways couples can cut down on wedding costs, even in this harsh economic times.

1. The early bird catches the worm

Kenyans are known for their last-minute tendencies, and while it has been costly for some people, don’t let it be the case for you. Book your venue early and other vendors too, as they usually have a discount for early birds, which will mean saving an extra coin.

2. Recycle flowers

While it may appear fashionable to have various flowers for different sections, say in the church and the reception, it is wise to repurpose them and have them used on both occasions.

3. Short guest list

A wedding is an intimate affair for both the bride and groom and only close family and friends understand the journey that both of you have been through to be where you are. Not all people come to congratulate you, others are just spectators or ill-wishers, who will have you spend a fortune to entertain them. So, if you can, avoid a busload of people you don’t even know!

4. Attend a wedding fair

Some fairs offer discounts for gowns or wedding suppliers, and also have a session where people win prices. You might get lucky and win a honeymoon or gown or more, hence pay less for something that would have been costly.

5. Work with fresh talent

Seasoned people, as much as they can be trusted, tend to be expensive and sometimes not reliable, as they are on demand. Find out the latest talent and check out some of the works they have done. Some tend to put their heart into what they do, are affordable and will bring out your vision as far as your wedding is concerned.

6. Go for a weekday.

Majority of venues charge less on weekdays than on weekends due to high demand. Also, a wedding on a weekday means you will spend less, given the turnout may not be as high as it would have been had it been a weekend.

7. Go green

While foliage has been underestimated for not being as colourful as another fancy décor, it is affordable and adds an appearance of space as well as texture to your décor arrangement. Don’t overlook it!

8. Couple up

Wedding cards can be costly, especially if you give each guest their own card. To spend less, print one card and ceremony programme per couple or per family, instead of each for every guest.

9. Friends for suppliers

Support your talented friends instead of going for that well known MC or even a décor provider. They may give you a discount or do it for free, depending on your relationship or agreement. Some look at it as their gift to you on your big day.

However, remember it is not good to take advantage and make them do stuff for you for free, so do not have the expectation. Ensure whatever the agreement, both of you are comfortable. Go for it if they are receptive to offer their services and if you know their work to be good. You don’t want shock on your wedding day!

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