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Let the games begin

Routines suck, especially at weddings. If it’s always the same old same old, the weddings start to feel cliché. Little wonder most people do not look forward to them these days.

Something has to give, something has given. The days of 15 recap-sermonettes are behind us. No more 20-minute gift sessions per family. Things are onto the next level, and wedding games are upon us now.

Recently, I was at a wedding where the couple played games. Yes, instead of those ceremonial cooking stunts they are made to do, they went for a shoe game. With the back of their seats against each other, they lifted up either the bride’s heel or the groom’s moccasin, to respond to questions.

‘Who made the first move? Who’s a bigger spendthrift? ‘Who cannot dance to save their life?’ were some of the questions that left us in stitches. ‘Who apologizes first? Who farts the loudest?’ were some of the trick questions. From our table, we all agreed the MC did a fantastic job.

The groom was then blindfolded and made to identify his wife from an array of girls who had been paraded in front of him. It was a bit of a walk in the park, seeing as she had two rings on her fingers and the rest did not, but it was worth it. It was fresh.

We hardly noticed the speeches and by the time the reception was coming to an end, as the couple was made to dance their favourite songs, I instantly knew this wedding would not be forgotten easily.

At five o’clock, the vote of thanks was issued and we all just sat there, doing hallo ministry, wondering where we would go to since the function had surprisingly ended on time and to say the least, was an enjoyable fete.

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