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Chinese meets African

How did you meet and how long did you date?

Vickie: We met in Harvest Family Church Rongai while serving in the Youth Church (The Y Church). We then dated for three years before he proposed two months to our wedding.

Why did you go for a garden wedding?

We always wanted such a wedding as we liked everything about it, and after doing a lot of research, we settled on Barizi Gardens because of its serene ambience and space.

How did you choose your wedding theme?

The bride went for a change of gown at the reception for a different feel.

We both wanted different things. My husband wanted a Chinese theme while I wanted an African one. We eventually settled on ‘Chinese meets African’ theme, which turned out to be beautiful.

How was the planning process?

It took us four months and we chose vendors we’ve worked with before on different occasions. We also used referrals from friends, which was easy for us because we’ve gained trust in them over time. Our bridal party was made up of family and friends in our inner circle. The planning went smoothly.

How did you settle on the number of guests?

We did a rough estimate of the number of our friends, family and the church, which was 600, but we ended up with 700 guests.

How much did your wedding cost?

The ‘Africans’.

It cost us Sh300,000.

What do you attribute the success of your big day to?

Everything went as planned. We kept time and followed the programme to the letter.

We had no hiccups by the grace of God. All vendors delivered on time and we didn’t have to follow up. God also blessed us with good weather, which was something we had really prayed for.

What was most memorable about your big day?

Walking down the aisle. This was a dream come true.

Bonnie: Exchange of vows felt so real because it was so right.

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