Family mourns Monica as police grill TV journalist

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Tears flowed freely, emotions choked during a service held in Ruiru, Thika for the slain Monica Kimani as her mum Miriam Kimani demanded justice for her, differing with her cleric dad Paul Ngarama who declared he had forgiven her killers.

And 28 kilometres away, television journalist Jacque Maribe told police that her fiancé John Irungu, who is being held over the killing, was in possession of an illegal firearm whose bullet was discovered under her bed by detectives.

Maribe, who was grilled for one hour at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Kilimani in relation to the murder, told detectives she did not know Monica, adding that she had on several occasions warned Irungu not to come to her house with the illegal firearm.

Maribe, who was accompanied by lawyer Katwa Kigen and her parents, was later referred to the DCI headquarters, Kiambu Road, where the homicide unit grilled her.

At the Happy Valley Grounds in Thika, wailing rent the air as relatives and friends mourned the 28-year-old woman whose life was brutally cut short upon her return from Juba, South Sudan on September 19.

Kenya Red Cross officers had a hectic time calming down family and friends who broke down upon viewing her remains that lay inside a white casket a few meters from a banner with her seven pictures and a “justice for Monica Kimani” message.

Speakers eulogised her as focused, self-driven, generous and demanded justice for her.

While dad Ngarama said he had forgiven her killers in accordance with biblical teachings, her mum Miriam Kimani said the soul of her only daughter “cannot go unclaimed.”

“I cannot lie to you that I have forgiven him. I want justice for my hardworking daughter,” she said.

Ngarama moved mourners to tears with revelations that her daughter had promised him a V8 car for her 29th birthday, which falls on October 10.

TV journalist Jacque Maribe at the Kilimani Police Station where she was grilled about her fiance Joseph Irungu who is linked to Monica’s murder. Photo/BERNARD MALONZA

“I still cannot believe that you are gone Monica as I keep looking at the door hoping that at any moment, you will walk right in and say “hi dad,” he said in his tribute.

He described her daughter as the kindest person and a go-getter. 

At the police station, Maribe told detectives she has been in shock since learning her fiancé was linked to the murder, which has forced her to leave her house to stay with her parents.

She told police she did not know Monica and that she had even read the news on her death and discovery of the body of the woman on the night it happened.

Maribe said the murder suspect had on September 21 dashed into their house claiming he had been shot and injured. She subsequently drove him to different hospitals.   

Maribe and Irungu told police they went to Nairobi West Hospital, Langata Hospital and Kijabe Mission Hospital.

She told police she and Irungu had met at a City club, before they fell in love and he later proposed to marry her.

When police went to pick Irungu from their Royal Park estate house in Langata, the two were in the house. Police later searched the house and recovered live ammunition, which has since been taken for ballistic tests.

Detectives also believe Irungu is still illegally in possession of the pistol that Maribe saw but is yet to be traced.

Maribe told the police Irungu often used her car and would pick her from and drop her at work. The silver Toyota Allion car, which has been detained by police investigating the incident, was yesterday dusted for clues. The officers further said they found bloodstains, shoes, beer cans, artificial hair and clothes in the car. However, Irungu’s residence away from Maribe’s residence remains a mystery.

The team pursuing the matter says they are yet to recover his identification documents including the passport he uses to travel.

The team also dusted Monica’s apartment in Lamuria Gardens off Dennis Pritt Road and carried away a number of samples for testing and analysis.

But the officers are yet to recover the clothes Irungu was wearing when he says he was shot and injured in the left side of the chest.

The officers have also not recovered the kanzu that Irungu is alleged to have been wearing when he was spotted at Monica’s house.

But the officers are yet to recover the clothes Irungu was wearing when he says he was shot and injured in the left side of the chest.

The officers have also not recovered the kanzu that Irungu is alleged to have been  wearing when he was spotted at Monica’s house.

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