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Kenyan sites for last minute hook-ups

Whether you want a one-night stand or don’t want to turn up at a party alone. Whatever the case may be, these Kenyan adult sites are ready to hook you up with a partner of your choice, and guess what, in some, you get to split the bills!

Sandra Wekesa @andayisandra

It’s exactly 3pm on a Friday and Jack Omondi hasn’t really thought of anything to do for the weekend. All his friends seem to already have company for the lit night ahead, except him. He needs to get himself a partner to mash up his weekend. 

Afraid that he might end up lonely, he decides to check through his contacts but none of the girls on his contact list seems to interest him.  He cannot just go out on the streets to pick a girl, so he opts for a local adult site. Kenya Casual Encounter, a site that deals with casual hook-ups, seems to be his way out.

Jack tends to be a frequent user of this site. Here, it is easier for him to get his sexual desires met without much hustle. He explains that he started using the app about four months ago and, so far, it has worked well for him.

“These days, men don’t have to pick commercial sex workers from the streets. You could get yourself in trouble with the authorities and well, you never know who is watching,” he laughs.

All one needs to do is make a simple search of the site’s name on Google and voila! You have a thousand choices to make.

“You have a variety of sexual encounters to choose from. From fetish encounters, gay, couples seeking men, couples seeking women, couples seeking couples… you name it, you are destined to be spoilt for choice,” he quips.

On Casual Encounters site, in a message titled Holiday Eve fun, a guy requests for a woman he can have fun with that evening.

“Looking for a pretty woman around Kasarani. Let us hook up asap. I am waiting to hear from you. A picture will be good. Token Sh4,000. Thanks,” he writes.

In another message, a man asks for two ladies between 18 and 30 years, willing to treat him for an afternoon session in a hotel. He then goes ahead to tell interested parties to reply with their Whatsaap numbers.

The site is, however, keen on the safety of it members; ‘Blind dates are fun, but don’t forget to trust your instincts,’ a safety tip on the site reads.

Jack is just one among many men and women that are utilising this and many other fast-growing websites tailor-made for Kenyans. Another popular site is Mapenzichapchap.com.

Unique in their own ways, the sites seek to hook clients who urgently need a quick and anonymous date or sex meetup.

On Mapenzichapchap.com, there is a disclaimer, “This is not a dating site. You message and you hook up, that’s it. We have thousands of members only looking for sexual encounters,” they warn.

Users of the site have a set of strict rules to follow. They are called Booty Calls Commandments, which members are advised to adhere to lest they are expelled.

They include; Thou shall never greet me in public, comment on my Facebook profile or hold my hand, Thou shall not get jealous since thy ground rules set were sex and nothing more, Thou shall refrain from referring to our activities as ‘lovemaking’, they go on and on.

Jack explains that the sites are most busy when the weekend is approaching as clients try to get themselves last minute hook-ups.

For the Casual Encounter site, Charges range from Sh2,000 to Sh5,000 depending on the amount of time you might want to spend in a girl’s room or house. At times, charges might be free if at all the girl just wants drinks and food. A necessity of this type of union is normally foods and drinks because women will always provide shelter.

Ray Shikundu says he uses the Casual Encounter site mostly when he wants a girl he can show off at an event or party.

“The youngest I ever got was a university student and all she needed was endless drinkS, she did not ask for money,” he narrates.

Ray says that many of the women on the site hail from Donholm, Zimmerman, Kayole, Roysambu, and Kahawa Wendani.

The only thing you have to do is pick a suitable location and you are good to go.

He prefers casual sex encounters sites because the people there are not looking for emotional commitment.

“If you are married like me, what you are interested in is just sex with no strings attached as well as have some company to get the best out of a night out.

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