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Importance of site visits before you buy

Grace Wachira  @yaa_grace

Too often, people looking to be new homeowners overlook the importance of open days when it comes to the journey to home ownership. The issue of land ownership, often characterised by fraudulent transactions, is a cause for concern for both current and future investors.

If you are still not sure on whether to investin in real estate, make an effort to attend a site visit day organised by your potential real estate investment partner. Dubbed “Open Day” in the industry, it provides an ample opportunity to address your investment fears.

Physically see the property

“You get to physically see the land, the demarcated plots and the beacons,” Reuben Kimani says. You experience first-hand information and absorb everything being there brings, the exact physical location of your future property and soil type.

“You are also able to see the ancillary ammenities such as, water, access road s and electricity connection,” he notes. A genuine real estate company will organise open days for all their projects to keep clients updated on the progress.

Meet and interact with the investment company staff

Any potential investor must have questions regarding the project and an open day is an opportune time to raise any concerns and ask for clarification from the investment company’s representative. “Clients should feel free to ask and get direction on the investment opportunities in the project. Make use of the open day and build a relationship with the company’s representatives,” he points.

Also, an open day is a great opportunity to meet with clients who have previously done business with the company. Feel free to ask them of their prior experience. “Their experience must have been good if they made time to attend yet another open day with the same investment company, but ask nevertheless.

You can also share a piece of your mind with potential investors just like you,” Reuben smiles. You might be shocked as sometimes the plots are sold out right before your eyes. Ideally, you should always attend open days fully prepared to invest as there are usually attractive incentives for early investors.

Explore the neighbourhood

“Investment companies often make lofty promises on the possibility of infrastructural development that will raise the value of the project in the near future.

An open day is a perfect chance for you to get the finest details possible regarding the upcoming projects. Get to know how close your investment will be to the road and other major developments,” he warns. Seeing is believing in the end.

Help you learn the real deal

The relationships made and the information gathered during the open day is an invaluable resource on the deal ahead. “Get to know the value attached to the price and how long title processing will take.

In the end, land is a long term investment that brings a huge opportunity to reap maximum benefits when treated like a business. The next time you think of investing, seriously consider attending an open day,” the CEO concludes.

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