Met director issues alert of above average rainfall from next month

Bernard Gitau @benagitau

The Meteorological Department has issued an alert of above-average rainfall in most parts of the country during the months of October-November-December (OND) 2018.

 Acting Director of Meteorological Services Stella Aura said the distribution of the rainfall in time and space is expected to be good over most places, especially during the peak month of November.

“Following the forecasted enhanced rainfall over most parts of the country, various sectors are expected to experience both positive and negative impacts,” she said.

In western Kenya, Aura warned the above-average rainfall is expected, lightning strikes are highly probable especially in Kisii, Kisumu, Kakamega and Bungoma.

 “Cases of flooding in prone areas such as Budalang’i and Kano plains as well as landslides/mudslides in susceptible areas of Western, Central and Rift Valley are also likely to occur,” she added.

 Aura said the National Disaster Operations Centre is, therefore, advised to be on standby in order to ensure mitigation of any negative impacts that may arise.

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