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Sagana growing into a holiday destination

Wambui Virginia @kuivirgie

Sagana is definitely a natural picturesque place and apart from activities centred around the Sagana river such as rafting, a thrilling and heart thumping experience, there are camping facilities as well. Lately Sagana has been rapidly transitioning from a mere camping site to a full holiday destination.

When looking for holiday destinations where you want to unwind, Sagana should be among the options. Located about 90 minutes from Nairobi and apart from offering lovely camping opportunities by the river, kayaking and zip lining, there are now lodges and resorts that have a rich cultural countryside feel to help you regenerate from the mind numbing hustle and bustle of the city.

As much as the hotels are in the countryside, they are well equipped with modern facilities like gym, spas and even salons and barbershops.   Hotels in the area are built in such a way that they have a homely ambience and the likes of Nokras Riverine resort even offer free baby-sitting services for both day visitors and residents.

Another positive factor is that the hotels are quite affordable with the average single-bed room going for less than Sh10,000. The most convenient time to visit the area would be during the off peak season between September and October, where it’s less crowded and you can negotiate for a better rate or extra options.

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