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Foods to keep at bay on your first date

Some people view dating as cliché, especially when they’ve been to one too many dates that never amounted to anything. Some are just getting into the dating game, while others have never been to any. Whichever category you fall in, you need to know the date etiquette. Apart from what to talk about and how to dress, there’s one more vital issue, what to eat. From a foodie point of view, Faith Kyoumukama writes about the cuisines to avoid during your first date

1. Greens and salads

‘Something is stuck on your teeth.’ This has never been a good expression for anyone. Greens like spinach take time to chew and, therefore, it wouldn’t make a good idea to have them on your plate if you mean to have a meaningful conversation during the date. It can be an ice breaker, but on the other hand, it can make you really uncomfortable. 

2. Spaghetti

There is no known calm way of eating spaghetti. The more you try to be cool with it, the messier it gets. Most of the time, spaghetti is served with meatballs and sauce, which tends to splatter. The point is, it’s a clumsy affair when you are splatting about. You really don’t want to come out so clumsy on your first date. If you have to choose something from the Italian menu, get some rice dish called risotto.

3. Spicy food

It doesn’t really matter how hot you can handle the heat. It’s a fact that spicy foods cause watery eyes, sweating and sometimes it can give you a running nose, which really, is not cute on a dinner table; it can be a great turn-off. Ask for a milder option if you cannot do without the peppery flavour.

4. Chicken wings and ribs

Lip smacking as it looks, save it for another day with the girls. Don’t get something that needs a lot of manhandling. With ribs and wings, it’s hard to use your fork and knife. Instead, go for steak. After all, you want to show some class!

Foods you are allergic to.

5. Tacos and burgers

It is close to impossible to look attractive while feasting on a burger or a taco. Don’t you believe me?

Give it a try when you’re home alone and look yourself in the mirror while at it.

That’s enough practical evidence that such type of meals won’t work properly at the date table.

6. Beans

Do we need to say more? I mean, we all know the effects of beans; the bloating and excessive and embarrassing gas. You really wouldn’t want your stomach to grumble right there in the very presence of your love date. If you can, please avoid it, but if you really want to have beans, you better ask for yellow beans instead.

7. Onion rings and garlic bread

Avoid that risk of having a bad breath for the rest of the night. Particularly, avoid anything that is pungent. A bad breath can be so unromantic and you wouldn’t like the date to end on a sour note.

8. Carbonated drinks

The gas from carbonated drinks results to a burp. For instance, if you take beer before you are done with your date, burps (and sometimes hiccups) will be part of your conversation and this can’t be apt on a dinner table. You can only burp freely when you have skipped the dating phase. Such drinks will also contribute to frequent visits to the washroom, thus, interrupting the date from time to time.

9. Unfamiliar food

Let’s say you try out a date while fine dining at a high-end restaurant. Don’t just order food for the sake of the price tag and name. Foods with the hardest names to pronounce can be so exotic or could probably be food you have never come across in your life. So, stick to the basic.

10. Foods you are allergic to

The first date is usually the determining factor as to whether you’ll get to the second date or not. But in the process, do not struggle to impress by ignoring your needs. Say, for instance, seafood gives you uncontrollable hiccups or leaves you all pimpled or red-faced; don’t just order it to impress your date. If you do so, you’ll end up looking foolish.

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