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New guidelines to address unfair promotions in police service

Alvin Mwangi @PeopleDailyKe

Irregular and unfair promotions will be a thing of the past in the police service after the introduction of new regulations that will guide the National Police Service in service delivery.

National Police Service Commission (NPSC) chairman, Johnston Kavuludi (pictured) said the regulations follow complaints about unfair promotions evidenced by several instances where some officers were employed and retired as constables, adding that the new guidelines will help the commission in ensuring fairness in promotions and transfers.

Kavuludi’s speech was read on his behalf by NPSC commissioner  Mary Owuor during the Regional Sensitisation exercise for the career progression guidelines and NPSC regulations at the Nairobi CID headquarters.

He said the commission has been able to develop a number of regulations to guide officers in areas such as vetting, promotions, discipline, transfer and deployment and recruitment and appointment.