Village elders warned against arbitrating rape cases

Ahadi Kenya Trust chief executive Stanley Kamau has urged village elders to stop arbitrating cases on sexual assault which are reportedly on the rise in Murang’a county.

He said cases of rape and defilement are rampant in the region yet few are reported to authorities.

Kamau (pictured) said settling the matter outside court effectively denies victims justice and allow perpetrators to continue committing the crime.

Speaking in Kandara when Kamau expressed displeasure over the trend in which offenders have been using elders to implore on victims to ‘forgive’ them.

“It is wrong for law enforcers to be used to arbitrate such matters, whereas they should be pushing for the culprits to be charged in court,” said Kamau.

Kamau said in such matters, the law should be allowed to take its course and those found culpable face the consequencies.

The Ahadi boss said he will take initiative to pursue justice for the victims.

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