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Africa eyes nuclear power partnership

Barry Silah  @obel_barry

Sub-Saharan African countries are eyeing increased co-operation on nuclear safety as the region looks to diversify its sources of electricity, according to African Young Generation in Nuclear (AYGN), a Nairobi-based non-governmental organisation.

To achieve this, AYGN with the support of Rosatom, Russia’s State-owned nuclear agency, has established an elaborate chapter in Zambia to push for technology transfers and collaboration in training young nuclear scientists and engineers. It follows the establishment of Kenyan chapter of AYGN– Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear in Nairobi.

Speaking at the official launch of the Zambian chapter of AYGN recently, Rosatom’s Communications director for Central and Southern Africa, Ryan Collyer thanked AYGN for the initiative they had shown in organising the conference and their role in driving public awareness on safe nuclear energy.

The Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board and Rosatom have been working towards introducing safe nuclear energy as part of the country’s power mix. He said there are many misconceptions around the industry, adding that it is these misconceptions that the industry should work together to dispel.

“It is high time we delivered the good stories, great stories and hopefully one day the nuclear industry will be celebrated for bettering the lives of millions across the globe,” said Collyer.

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