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Government suspends ban on plastic bottles

Barry Silah @obel_barry

The government through the Ministry of Environment has temporarily suspended the ban on plastic bottles after reaching an agreement with Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM).

Environment chief administrative secretary Mohammed Elmi said the Ministry decided to shelve the banning of plastic bottles as had been promised in January this year after seeking partnership to pursue a sustainable way of managing plastics.

“We have formed an association with KAM whose aim is to find a sustainable way through which plastic packaging and bottles can be recycled, made more useful and friendly to the environment. We believe in the next five years up to 80 per cent of plastic bottles will be on the recycling loop. It will not only create employment, but will give honour to those currently tasked with the duty of collecting the waste,” said Elmi.

National Environment Management Authority through the compliance and enforcement technical team deliberated on the interpretation of the plastic ban gazette notice 2356 of February 28, 2017.

Elmi was speaking during the unveiling of the “U-Turn waste project” a joint venture by Unilever East Africa and waste management service provider Mr Green. The project aims to recycle all its packaging materials, especially plastics.

“This partnership has seen us unlock sustainable solutions to plastic waste management in Kenya,” said Mr Green Africa chief executive Keiran Smith.

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